Brown bag it in style

When I made it a 2014 goal of mine to pack healthy lunches and avoid the siren call of downtown Toronto eateries, I was reminded that bringing your lunch to work as an adult can be an exercise in frustration. Let’s face it: Most lunch bags and lunch kits are targeted to the middle school crowd. Brown bags? Not as environmentally friendly as their reusable counterparts.

But there’s a better, and more stylish, way to brown bag it, thanks to Overlap Sewing Studio — an independent online shop that is part of the Big Cartel network, which provides artists with a platform to promote and sell their work. Check out the waxed canvas lunch bag ($48), available in brown and grey. I love the distressed look, as well as the leather strap and brass buckle closure — it brings to mind an old-school book bag. In brown, it inexplicably reminds me of Indiana Jones. I can picture myself leaving the house every day with this tucked under my arm, thinking that my next adventure could be right around the corner. 


Brown waxed canvas lunch bag, $48, Overlap Sewing Studio

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