When life gives you lemons…wear them!

In October 2012, Gabe and I travelled to Italy to attend the wedding of our friends Malcolm and Lilli in Ravello, a quaint little town carved into the cliffs of the Amalfi Coast. Lemons, the lifeblood of the nearby Island of Capri, were a recurring theme in the small shops of the town square. Lemons on pottery, on tablecloths and linen, on magnets, straw bags, and bottles of the famed Limoncello. Everywhere I looked, there was the fresh citrus glow of lemons in all their sun-dappled glory.


Lemon pottery

Liliana and Malcom (31)-L

Malcolm and Lilli in Ravello’s town square

Liliana and Malcom (50)-L

Top: Malcolm, Gabe and I pre-wedding, with the stunning Amalfi Coast as our backdrop
Bottom: Malcolm and Ben

As a palette for fashion, lemons are fresh, clean and unapologetically feminine. They evoke a feeling of European sophistication, with just the right amount of quirk. So it’s no wonder that quirky-cool Kate Spade’s bright and breezy Capri Collection is tinged with lemon-fresh graphics. When I first spotted it, I was instantly transported back to the Amalfi Coast, strolling along the cobblestone streets in the late afternoon sunlight.

My brother is getting married in Liberia, Costa Rica at the beginning of May, and I am his Best (wo)Man. What does one wear to a destination wedding headlined by the most casual of brides? Lemons! After a fruitless search among my go-to designers, I landed on Kate Spade’s Lyric dress, one of the most stunning pieces in the Capri Collection. It’s light and sunny, with a classic cut that evokes images of 50s starlets like Sophia Loren. It’s the kind of dress that won’t upstage a destination bride, but won’t soon be forgotten. And, unlike most bridesmaid’s dresses, this is one I will definitely wear again. And again.


Kate Spade’s Lyric dress, part of the Capri Collection

3 Comments on “When life gives you lemons…wear them!

  1. I love that spot. When I was there, a charming old man, probably in his 80s was selling lemoncello tastes – cliffside – to be enjoyed mid-hike.

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