The concept of a “good death” means different things to different generations. Ages past, it may have meant dying on the battlefield, or while working the fields of your land. In the not-so-distant past, it meant living long enough to glimpse immortality in the eyes of your grandchildren. Modern generations have put so much value on life that we have eschewed the concept of a good death in favour of painful life-extending… Read More

How do you map your world travels? In a journal, on your blog, via Instagram, or using a ‘Where I’ve been’ app? There’s another way – painful, yes, but also colourful, personal and meaningful. Inspired by a tattoo he noted on a fellow traveller’s back while sitting in a bar in Honduras, backpacker Bill Passman is mapping his travels by colouring in his world map outline tattoo, and sharing the progression on his blog…. Read More